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Our Services
OCPA offers therapy services from various disciplines, including Clinical Psychologists, Marriage & Family Therapists, and Clinical Social Workers. Each clinician brings different skills and specialties to the practice and work as a team to meet the needs of your individual treatment plan.

Individual Therapy is offered for both adolescents and adults, with short-term and longer-term options. Short-term individual therapy is used with very focused concerns, and aims at producing quick symptom reduction and behavioral change. Longer-term individual therapy aims at addressing more persistent and pervasive difficulties.

Couples and Family Therapies are used to promote change in patterns of interpersonal relationships.

Group Therapy involves meeting with a group of other clients and the therapist. OCPA offers both time-limited and ongoing groups. Time-limited groups generally focus on a specific issue (anger management, conflict resolution, bereavement, etc.) and meet for a specified period of time (usually 8-12 meetings). Ongoing groups provide opportunities to meet with the same individuals for a longer period.

Dr. Ispirescu trained locally in Southern California, where he attended UC Irvine and obtained a bachelor's degree in Psychology. After graduating from Loma Linda University Medical Center, he completed his residency and fellowship in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at the University of Southern California.

Scott Ispirescu, MD, Inc.
Board Certified Child and Adolescent
Board Certified Adult Psychiatrist
Fluent in Spanish, French, German, and Romanian

Call 949 282-0027 for an appointment
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